The Dinosaur Crate!

We’re super excited to announce that our next crate theme is: DINOSAURS!

Why did we pick dinosaurs for our next mystery box? We at Crate Monster have been huge fans of things paleontological for as long as we can remember. Before Jurassic Park hit the big screen…


National Geographic was publishing endless articles with fossil photos and PBS had specials all about dinosaurs. The Land of the Lost had that wonderful cheesy hand puppet. But before we saw any of that, there was this:

album of dinosaurs cover.jpg

via Rand McNally

Album of Dinosaurs by Tom McGowan and illustrated by Rod Ruth. This was every kid’s primer into the world of the thunder lizard for years before Walking with Dinosaurs ever hit the BBC and it pre-dates most of the modern thought on theropod gait. After all “Album” shows the Tyrannosaurus Rex walking with an upright posture, and not the low-slung tail-balanced killing machine we know and love. This book right here was the seed of all our jurassic joy!

With the thought of sauropods dancing in our heads, we reached out to some awesome Paleo-Artists; Greer Stothers, Josh Cotton, Kory Bing; and asked them if they would create awesome paleo-art to fill the crate . They responded with enthusiasm and the Dinosaur Crate was hatched!

This crate is loaded with UNIQUE collectable items to thrill the jurassic fan! Remember, when this crate sells out, it and everything inside are gone forever!

Don’t let your chance go extinct!