The Tiki Crate!

We’re utterly thrilled to announce that our next crate theme is: Tiki!

VIa Giphy

Tiki has always held a special place in our hearts. It all began in early childhood with a fateful visit to a certain tropical hideaway in a certain southern California resort. Queue parental regret as the 6 hour drive home was filled with a loop of us singing the theme-song over and over (…and over and over…)

Via Giphy

Just as the first wave of South Pacific fever served as an escape for Cold War tensions, it seems little surprise that Tiki is enjoying a new surge in popularity of late. After all, who wouldn’t want to escape to a tropical island to get away from it all?  


Photo by Airstream Inc. on Unsplash

With the scent of the sea breeze and the sound of waves crashing on the shore drifting through our thoughts, we reached out to a couple of wonderful artists to give the Crate Monster the tiki treatment. Derek Yaniger and Will Penny were kind enough to put pencil to paper (or stylus to tablet, no judgement here!) and deliver some fantastic pieces of art.  

The Tiki Crate is loaded with UNIQUE collectable geeky items to excite the any fan of island themes. Remember, when this crate sells out, it and everything inside are gone forever!

The Tiki Crate will be available starting on July 17th, at Comic Con International at Booth 5618 and here on the Crate Monster store on July 22nd.