Featured Artist: DOOOM

We’re happy to have DOOOM as a featured artist contributing to the ADVENTURE! Crate this month.

Not much is known about this enigmatic designer, however.

Based in the United Kingdom, Dooom has worked with clients across the globe. Their spartan, slightly morbid, style has lent itself to the iconography of clients like: Panic! At The Disco, The Story So Far, Official, Fuchsteufelswild, Bring Me The Horizon, Wellen, Hate No Hate, Indyink, Of Mice & Men, Landyachtz, Fall Out Boy, Hype Clothing, ThokkThokk, My Yard, Who? Clothing, Disobey, SuperFancy, Rockett, Soul Feeders, SHK Magazine, Hereafter Co.

You can see more of DOOOM’s work at IAMDOOOM.COM and you can have a bit of DOOOM’s work in your own hands by grabbing an ADVENTURE! crate now!