We’re happy to announce the release of our very first crate of carefully curated themed items.

The theme, as you may guess, is ADVENTURE!

What do we mean by adventure?  Anything that gets you out of your routine! You don’t HAVE to go search for lost treasure to have one, adventure can be waiting fo you in the next town over.

We all become creatures of habit. Get up at the same time, go to work, deal with the same people every day. Ok, some routine is helpful, structure isn’t always the worst thing in the world. But it can dull us to the passage of time and don’t none of us have an infinite supply of that!

So get out of that rut! Go try that Ethiopian restaurant you passed on your way to work. Go sign up for Taiko lessons. Learn how to blow glass. Travel. Drive down a road you’ve never seen the end of and find out what’s around the corner. See another country. You picking up what we’re putting down?

The ADVENTURE! Crate is full of art items that will remind you to head out and see something new every now and again. While it is a mystery box, we’ll have a couple peeks inside the ADVENTURE! crate in the days to come!